Book Memories


Looking back at my childhood, the number of books I loved is astounding. (Especially considering I couldn’t read, or at least not well.) I remember most of the books my parents read to me, from Corduroy to The Very Quiet Cricket, and Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. All those books helped contribute to my childhood and to this day I occasionally bring out some of my old books and read them. They all still hold fond memories, but the one book that stands out in from my childhood is Love You Forever by Robert Munsch.

This book is about a mother and son, and the love she has for him, and him for her. It starts out with the mother rocking her baby to sleep and she sings “I’ll love you forever/ I’ll like you for always/ as long as I’m living/ my baby you’ll be”. She continues to sing this little lullaby to him as he grows. The books ends with the son, now a full-grown man, going back to his mom and singing “I’ll love you forever/ I’ll like you for always/ as long as I’m living/ my Mommy you’ll be”. Then he goes to his house and sings the lullaby to his daughter. The ending shows how the cycle of a parents love for their child never ends, eventually that child will grow into a parent and have their own child to love. Now that I’m a bit older, I realize just how sad the ending is; the son sings to the mother because she is too old and sickly to sing to him, implying she might die soon, but no matter how sad, that’s how the cycle works. However, the story itself and what it means has always stuck with me. My mom used to read this too me maybe once a month. It showed how no matter what a child does a mother will always love him or her. The book is just a simple story, with a powerful message and I have always remembered it and what it is truly saying. Whenever I’m stressed or over-welled by school or something else I often reminisce and look at this book. It holds many fond memories for me, mostly about me and my mom. I suppose she read this book to me so many time because she was trying to remind me how much a mother, or father, loves their child. And it worked, of course, since this was the book that I thought of first when remembering my earlier years. I even have this book on my nook so I can look at it whenever I need or want to. It is my favorite childhood book, not only because of the storyline, but because the memories it holds for me. Love You Forever will always have a special place in my heart and my childhood. Hopefully, years for now, I will read this to my children and they will understand what it means, continuing the cycle.


7 thoughts on “Book Memories

  1. I’ve never read this book before, but I, too, have often reminisced over my old children’s stories from when I was young. I found the lesson in your favorite children’s book to be very interesting in that it contains a quite simple yet meaningful and deep message. In retrospect, so many of our childhood story books contain quite meaningful messages, but we don’t truly understand them until we grow older. Great post!


    • I completely agree, When looking through other children books, it defiantly becomes apparent that they all have important meanings. And “Ill Love You Forever”, has a very important message that always stuck to me though the years!


  2. Hey! It’s funny that you chose this book, because I can remember one of my teachers reading it to us once, and then somehow it showed up at our house! It’s such a great story and it really shows the power of love in and from all ages. I can also remember my great grandmother saying something sort of like what they say in the book, and now that she’s older and her memory is faded, she still somehow remembers those specific words, and I can’t help but believe that our family should continue to pass those words along to our future family. Great book choice!!! Thanks for reminding me of something I would have otherwise forgotten!!


    • This book is really powerful, and I remember reading, and thinking about the love between the parent and child. It really does contain an important message that we should pass to future families! Glad you like it!


  3. I cant believe we wrote about the same book! Great minds think alike! I still read it from time to time to remind myself of not only the meaning, but the memories that come with it. It is such a beautiful book that has a such a huge message in such a simple book, and the message has stuck with me as well! With what you said about reading it to your kids, I am definitely reading it to mine as well! 🙂


    • I know, its funny we did choose the same book! and yes, I definitely read from time to time too. It does have a powerful message that I will share with my kids, just like my mom to me! 🙂


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