Flaws in life

In the novel The Scarlett Letter, Hester Prynne has to face the harsh punishments of Puritan society because of her sins. She must wear a scarlet letter on her chest for the rest of her life, which marks her as an adulterer. Throughout the novel, even with these circumstances, she grows as a person and learns from her mistakes. That idea of learning from ones mistakes or shortcomings is something that has always been important to society. In life, children are taught it is not always a terrible thing to make mistakes; as long as they learn from them. Even with those life lessons taught at an early age, everyone in the world has flaws or has made mistakes, including myself.

Throughout the early stages of schooling, when students are beginning to understand just how much time homework can take, teachers try to in steel a valuable lesson in them; do not procrastinate. However, although that idea was drilled into me from intermediate school and on, I still constantly struggle with it. Procrastination, is trying to find other things to occupy us, rather than what is important, like schoolwork. And for teenagers the task of finding other things is not hard; considering the social media, like twitter, or TV, is only takes a little convincing to stop working and become engrossed in technology. Even if there is nothing else to do, personally I will find something that seems more important, ranging from reading books to cleaning my room. Although I know I’m supposed to do something else, I somehow manage to convince myself that anything else is more important. Then I become frustrated when I’m scrambling to finish something, even though I know it is entirely my fault. I have tried to work on this problem, and throughout high school it is easier for me to focus on my work because I have so much of it. However, I do struggle with it, but most people say teenagers grow out of it, and that is what I am hoping for. I realize it is a major flaw of my personality, and that to procrastinate is a conscious act, but I am trying to be better about it.

Another flaw most people, and myself, have is stubbornness. Even admitting I have that is hard, since stubbornness kicks in and tries to say I don’t have that problem. In any situation, stubbornness can become a hindrance because it’s difficult to reasonably listen to others. Ranging from school, to socially, and at home, I must constantly remind myself to listen and stop being so hardheaded. Most of the time, once I think of something, it is very hard to change my mind. The thing I learned first is what I stick to, therefore it is hard to convince me of anything else. Also once I see someone’s actions, it is very difficult to tell me something else. Recently, I have learned to give people the benefit of the doubt, but stubbornness still tries to convince me otherwise. Furthermore, over the years I have learned to control myself better and be more open to all the details of a situation. I do realize that being stubborn is not a great characteristic, however I have tried to grow out of it and better myself on a whole.

Lastly, one of my shortcomings is my pride. Most others have to deal with this at one point in their life, so I feel it is not that odd of a flaw to have, however it is a large one. Pride can get in the way of a lot of things, from schoolwork to socially. Like others, once my pride is hurt because of something done, I become upset or shut down; usually the latter. And it can be anything that causes that, like an embarrassing moment, or being confident in something, then realizing it is completely wrong. Also my pride can cause me to assume I know best, which is far from the truth since I’ve only been alive for almost two decades. However, it is usually situations involving my peers, like on homework, or even socially, not with people older than me. I am trying to work on this trait as well, since being prideful is usually the downfall of many. However it is difficult and constant work, but I feel like it is important to not let pride rule a person’s thoughts. It is important to have a reasonable amount of pride, since it usually related to confidence, but having too much it a flaw that can result in terrible things. With all my misgivings, it is easy to feel bad, however I know I am trying to correct myself and be a better person. But those flaws do make up some of my personality, so it is not an easy task to change them, but I am constantly trying.


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