Not just 1, but 3

My family history and origin is filled with many ethnicities, but whose isn’t? When someone first meets me, they automatically assume I’m Mexican, which I am, but I also have other races mixed in. My last name, Ortega is distantly Hispanic; but more accurately, Mexican. On my father’s side, my grandfather -the Ortega side- has a large number of people, most of whom still live in Mexico. My grandpa has 5 other siblings, then they all have kids and so on. This side is purely Mexican, if someone were to trace it back far enough, then most likely ‘Ortega’ probably originated in Spain. On my Dad’s Mom side, they are Spanish; her maiden name is Guzman. My grandma’s grandfather made the trip from Spain to Mexico over a hundred years ago. She has 12 other brothers and sisters, and she is the youngest. All but one other live in Mexico in a smaller town towards the east coast. My dad’s parents are the ones who first traveled to the U.S. back in the 70’s. Because, combined my dad has 17 aunts and uncles and tons of cousins and he is one of seven siblings, the Ortega family is stretched out across North America, and have distant relatives all over.

As I mentioned before, though I may look entirely Mexican, I have other races mixed in. My mom’s side is much smaller than my dad’s, she’s an only child and her parents don’t have as many siblings as my dad’s. My grandpa, who is a Rosas, has 5 other siblings. His mom’s side- Hinojosa- was from Mexico, my great-grandmas’ grandpa came to America during the Mexican Revolution of 1810 to escape the war. They settled along the border, and my grandpas’ dad side has always lived in Texas; from the time when Mexico had settled the Texas territory to present. On the other hand, my mom’s mother’s side- the Brockman’s- traveled to the U.S. from Germany 100’s of year ago. My great- grandparents lives in Oklahoma, and own over 300 acres of land. My great-grandpa inherited that land from his grandparents who were apart of the Oklahoma land race of 1893. Basically it was a giant race, where people could go and stake out, then claim, chunks of land. His wife, my great-grandmother’s side –the London’s- came from Europe in the 1800’s. So this side of my family, albeit smaller than my dad’s, is still quite large and spread out across the U.S.

However, with so many people, we have mostly fallen out of contact with the distant side. So although I am aware of the generalized history of my entire family, which is long, it’s hard to pinpoint exact members of my Mexican, Spanish, and German family.


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