Brag a Little

Everybody has bad qualities and good ones. We can either choose to embrace them, usually the good, or ignore them, the bad. However, sometimes the bad ones, like selfishness or arrogance, take main stage and we focus solely on how to fix them. And while we are scrambling to find ways to amend our flaws, people completely forget the good characteristics we all have. Sometimes people have to set aside some time to reflect on good qualities that make us proud of ourselves; and that is perfectly fine. Personally, I have big accomplishments and things in my personality that make me proud. For example, in the beginning of 2012, I decided to give up soda and see how long I could last. It may not seem that huge, but considering how much soda I used to drink, it was a big deal; and to this day I have not have one soda since that January almost 2 years ago. That accomplishment makes me extremely proud of myself, and last may I drastically cut back on everything except water, which is also a giant accomplishment for me because I really love tea and coffee and other drinks. That is probably the accomplishment that makes me very happy with myself (besides the generic things for teenagers, like academic grades, drivers test, jobs etc.)

In my personality, I suppose there are a few characteristics that stand out as being good qualities. First, the trait that all my others kind of stem from is my maturity. For being a teenager, I feel like it would be common for a maturity level to match the standard 17-18 year old. However, I have come to realize, and others have told me, I am far more mature than some of my peers, and even those older than me. With that maturity, I have learned to accept things that cannot be changed; which is a giant accomplishment for me. By nature I am extremely stubborn, but I have learned to just accept things that I cannot change and not to dwell on it. Besides personal life, in school this characteristic helps a lot when it comes to my grades. I have learned to look past the numbers and realize in 5 years it most likely won’t matter, so there is no reason to completely panic over it. Yes, I do study and still care a lot about my grades, but I know what my maximum stress level is and try not to pass it because of worry. Also with my maturity, I have learned not to say things just to say them. I try not to say things to just make people mad or to impress someone, but because I honestly believe something; which is a big quality for a teenager, considering how hard everyone tries to fit in by saying and going with the crowd. I suppose I could add other qualities to list that make me proud, but I realize most of them stem from my maturity, so that would have to be the one that stands out the most.


4 thoughts on “Brag a Little

  1. I definitely agree with you about how people are always forgetting the positive characteristics and just trying to fix the negative ones and that it is just as important to focus on the good. Strangely enough, around that same time (January 2012) is also when I decided to give up sodas. I haven’t had one since then either and take pride in that as well, which is a pretty cool coincidence. It’s also pretty cool that you do still care about your grades and everything, but don’t go completely overboard about the little things and panic like basically everyone else at this school. Lastly, maturity is a pretty good trait to have stand out the most. I have my mature moments but overall just don’t take too many things seriously, which isn’t great but oh well. (I also get what you’re saying about being stubborn, that would probably be one of the first words used to describe me).



    • Yah that is a cool coincidence that we both gave up soda around the same time. That is definitely one of my bigger accomplishments. And it a really good trait to be a little more mature, and look at the big picture; like realizing school is not a life and death situation, and relax a little and just be happy.


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