In the spirit of next week being Thanksgiving, I suppose I could list a few things I’m thankful for. Like most people, I’m thankful for the ‘normalcies’ in life. My family is probably the thing I cherish the most. I have a large, spread out family that I never get to see very often. So when we all spend time together (next week) the memories usually stick with me. Another thing is my friends; as I’ve gotten older, I realized it really doesn’t matter how many friends you have, as long as you have 3 to 4 really good friends, which I happen to be blessed with. Frankly, without my friends I don’t know how I would survive going to school every day. I also am thankful for living where I do; meaning America. I know how patriotically cheesy that sounds but after studying other countries for years in school, I realize how ridiculously easy Americans have it. The average U.S. citizen doesn’t have to worry about where food would be coming from, or shelter, and definitely not water. But then look at some other countries and we understand how truly blessed we are, not only do we not have to worry about food or shelter, but we also have so many amenities here, from entertainment, to stores, to restaurants, to anything you could possibly imagine. Living in America is a blessed opportunity-filled life, and I’m extremely thankful to live here. Now, besides all the big ‘thankful things’ in my life, I still have a huge list that could probably go on forever. Here is just a few: air conditioning, my car, my laptop, showers, heaters, music, movies, dessert, contacts, flat irons, soccer, my bed and just about everything else in my life. The number of things I’m thankful for is infinitely huge, but those were just a few.



So I’ve been thinking recently about things that a controversial among my peers and I. Of course, there are many topics that most people don’t agree on like political leaders and decisions, or equal rights for all people, etc. However, on those ideas, the people around usually hold some type of belief that is somewhat equal to my own. So instead of a giant, hugely controversial topic, I want to talk about something I’m passionate about animals; more specifically, the canine breed pitbuls. Whenever anyone hears of this breed, they have one of two feelings, either fear because of the things they have heard, or sympathy for this misunderstood breed. As most know, pitbulls became more known when people realized they were used for dog fighting. Owners would keep their dogs chained, underfeed, without any connect from humans or other dogs, and try to make them as aggressive as possible. When ready, people would bring their pits to fight against other dogs, usually placing a bet on which one would win. Some dogs would die during the fights or be badly hurt, and instead of letting them recover, owners would continue to fight them until they died. So after all this abuse from owners, these dogs no longer trust humans, and sometimes they attack other people. And of course when that happens, people say how terrible these dogs are, how dangerous they are and that they must be put down because it is a hazard for others. That is where my arguments begins.

First off, what people need to understand is, under no circumstances, is it the dogs fault. Ever. Any animal bred for companionship, cats, dogs, etc., is not naturally going to try and attack people. (Now maybe 1 out of 100 will be aggressive, but not usually) The animals become whatever their owners want them to be, whether a social, shy, trained, or untrained animal. Owners mold their pets into what they are, kind of like children, they learn from experience. If they do something and the owner praises them, they think it is good, if they get in trouble for doing something, they know it’s bad. And with pitbulls it works the same way. If they are abused by humans and attacked by other animals, it’s pretty obvious they are going to be aggressive towards whatever hurt them. Even when humans are hurt by something, they usually shy away from it, and if they can’t they lash out. So all that adds up to is: the owner is the one who creates an aggressive dog, it is the owners fault, not the dog. I can say from personal experience with pitbulls (I own one, and work with them at the animal shelter) when they are treated right, this is the most loving, wonderful dog breed out there. According to many studies this breed is one of the most protective, and loyal dogs ever. And frankly they would never willingly hurt anyone or thing. I have had my pitbul from 8 years and I have never seen any aggression out of him. He is extremely sweet and loving, and even the ones I’ve encountered at the shelter are playful and lovable. However when people see them, and especially if their ears and tails are cut, they without thought are weary of them and want to stay far away. But people need to do their research and learn about this misunderstood breed, and realize it’s not the pits fault, they learn from their owners on how to behave, aggressive or not. Of course if dog fighters had chosen a different breed, I would go on a rant about that one. However they chose pitbulls and turned this amazing breed into something people fear. I could go on about this topic for days, I’m extremely protective of this breed and want people to stop stereotyping them and actually learn about them. But I’ll stop for now, just know this: pitbuls are an amazingly awesome, lovable dog breed that are usually misunderstood.

Other Thoughts

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