In the spirit of next week being Thanksgiving, I suppose I could list a few things I’m thankful for. Like most people, I’m thankful for the ‘normalcies’ in life. My family is probably the thing I cherish the most. I have a large, spread out family that I never get to see very often. So when we all spend time together (next week) the memories usually stick with me. Another thing is my friends; as I’ve gotten older, I realized it really doesn’t matter how many friends you have, as long as you have 3 to 4 really good friends, which I happen to be blessed with. Frankly, without my friends I don’t know how I would survive going to school every day. I also am thankful for living where I do; meaning America. I know how patriotically cheesy that sounds but after studying other countries for years in school, I realize how ridiculously easy Americans have it. The average U.S. citizen doesn’t have to worry about where food would be coming from, or shelter, and definitely not water. But then look at some other countries and we understand how truly blessed we are, not only do we not have to worry about food or shelter, but we also have so many amenities here, from entertainment, to stores, to restaurants, to anything you could possibly imagine. Living in America is a blessed opportunity-filled life, and I’m extremely thankful to live here. Now, besides all the big ‘thankful things’ in my life, I still have a huge list that could probably go on forever. Here is just a few: air conditioning, my car, my laptop, showers, heaters, music, movies, dessert, contacts, flat irons, soccer, my bed and just about everything else in my life. The number of things I’m thankful for is infinitely huge, but those were just a few.


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