CD memories

Back in the earlier parts of life, my only goal was to get the new P!nk CD. I was obsessed with her and all of her songs. Each song on the album (I don’t remember the exact one, I think ‘Funhouse’) was perfect; the beat, lyrics, etc. Anything Pink did, I loved, she was the first artist I really was willing to buy merchandise from. So I finally purchased the CD when I was younger, which I then proceeded to listen to over and over on my little CD player. I had other albums at the time, but because I had bought this with my own money, it was a bigger deal. My parents didn’t really mind that I had bought this CD, P!nk doesn’t really have anything overly graphic in her work. Plus my mom is a fan too, that’s how I first began to like P!nk. To this day, I still really enjoy listening to any of P!nks songs, whether old or newer. That CD along with all my other childhood CD’s still lives in my closet, though I really don’t listen to them very often, sometimes I still listen to that particular album when I’m feeling nostalgic. That album, and all the others from my childhood will always be happy memories, and honestly, I will probably have each CD for a long time to come.


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