Racial Slurs

After reading about recent events to happen on a college campus, it’s sad to say I’m not surprised. Within the last week or so, there has been a lot of fall out having to do with the SAE fraternity at University of Oklahoma. A video sent out to some organizations depict the students using racial slurs one night, from there the 9 second clip spread rapidly across the campus and far beyond that. Once it got out, the president of the school immediately took action, and expelled the students that led it and closed down the fraternity permanently. As I said before, I’m not surprised that this type of behavior is still prevalent in today’s society. The action taken by the school was good, and the students deserved it, but for this to happen they had to be influenced into that racism somehow; it doesn’t develop on its own. The president did say that they would be investigating the action and looking at other fraternities, which is a good move, since most likely others probably have participated in that behavior, but the SAE students were the ones finally caught in it.

Racism is still a huge issue in modern society. Even though the whole civil rights movement (to end discrimination) happened in the early 1960’s, it is still around, and probably will be for a long time. After all the people alive during that era are still alive today, activist and the racist, and because of human nature the behaviors of previous generations will always influence new member of society; thus keeping the racism alive. I’m not saying that the family members of the students were racist or anything, just that the behavior was passed down somehow since the students seemed to think racial slurs are okay. And even though some have issued apologies, it still doesn’t make it right, since they probably only feel sorry because they were caught and had to face their actions, not because of the behavior itself. No matter what, the behavior was wrong and the fraternity deserved their punishment, however, people can’t just get mad at those particular students, it came from something, and that same thing is keeping racism a prevalent issue in today’s society. People should focus on changing not just the students, but the bigger issue at hand: racism.


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