My Cat

My cats name is Riley. She is a 5 year old American tabby with green eyes and prominent white markings on her coat. I originally had a black cat named Midnight who I loved a lot. We got him from the shelter when I was around 2, so basically I have always had cats around the house. When he passed away from Kidney failure and other health problems a 6 years ago, I was really distraught and sad. After about a year of not having a cat, I convinced my dad that I needed another cat. We started searching the shelter and one day we walked into PetSmart and I saw this tiny kitten that was in a cage alone and I fell in love immediately. So we bought her the next day and we’ve basically been inseparable since. Riley sleeps with me at night (sometimes on top of me), waits for me at the door after school, always lays on top of any homework I have, and watches TV or YouTube with me- at least it seems like it. I love my other pets (a Pitbul and Great Dane), but my cat has a special place in my heart.

I suppose my favorite story of my cat isn’t really a story but an on-going occurrence. When she was younger I bought this toy that’s has a thin wire with a little mouse attached to it. Whenever I go near it she knows she’s about to play and automatically runs behind something and ‘stalks’ the mouse from her hiding spot. Then she’ll run at and I lift it up and she’ll flip. She does crazy flips at least 4 feet in the air chasing after the mouse. Usually she will catch it within the first few tries and then will drag the entire toy back to her hiding spot. Riley does a ton of other things that I find hilarious, but writing it all out would take forever. There is so much more I could write about her, I absolutely adore her and if anything happened to her, I would be an emotional wreck. Since I picked her out by myself and it wasn’t a decision my parents helped me make, she’s entirely mine and holds a special place in my life.


2 thoughts on “My Cat

  1. Your cat sounds awesome, and much more in shape than my cousins Garfield-shaped tabby! Whenever Jazz feels in the mood to play around, she usually chooses either a tiny, plush, turkey on a string or another one of her favorites, a simple puff ball. Before we know it, she has like twenty puff balls stashed in her corner of the couch!! (Jazz must have sensed that I was typing about her because she just came over to say hello!) I hope Miss Riley stays healthy and awesome, and is able to be her human loving, youtube watching self for a looooonnng time! (AND I HAD NO IDEA THAT YOU HAD A GREAT DANE!!!) I’m sure they’re all best friends haha!


    • My cat has those little plush balls too, except she doesn’t really play with them. She’ll pat it around then get bored and walked away. and my cat likes one of my dogs, but she hates the great dane, lol.


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