Writing about Cats

So I took up a task of writing two paragraphs without “E”. It was truly hard. My stab at it (with cats):

Furry with a long tail, this particular animal is mans, or woman’s, top companion. Not a dog, as you may first think, but a companion of ours from mans start. It ran on hunts long ago, looking for small things to nourish its body with. It took naps with us (though most of it was busy with licking its fur until no dirt was on it.) It was on boats with mankind as it would float across our world, looking for anything unusual, not at that point known. This particular companion has always stood with us, today it still is with us. Cats. Cats may not first pop into your brain as top companion, but this animal is just as brilliant as dogs, or any other companion animal.

Cats hold an unconditional warmth for us. Cats do not think of us with high admiration, but as companions for a cat’s delight. Cats know that mankind will obtain food at any point it wants a bit. Cats know that mankind will find anything it wants; toys, catnip, or just to stay on its own for a bit. Cats know that mankind would do just about anything to fashion joy. Cats think that it is in control, that a companion animal is us. But, although it adjusts nothing for us, mankind still basically worships cats. Cats still remain charming and cuddly for us. Cats, although just a small, furry animal, are awesome. I think cats always stay fascinating and charismatic. How would it a world look without cats? I do not want to find out.


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