English 2015

So English is not my favorite subject. I’m not great at writing or analyzing pieces of literature or any other ‘englishy’ thing done in those classes. Also with English, I usually feel like we do the same things as previous years but at a ‘harder’ level, but it’s just the same material. However, somehow, in English III AP, I have learned to like, maybe even really like, English. My English class was actually one of my favorite classes this year, in part to the subject itself, but mostly because of the people and my teacher. We discuss a lot in this class, basically an everyday occurrence; and it’s not just things about English, its stuff about any and everything. Through all those random, and sometimes on topic, discussions I have learned to be more self-assured in what I think and my opinions, as well as my academic abilities. We also did a lot of timed writings and multiple choice practice, and while that was not my favorite, it definitely proved to be one of the more valuable things we did this year. Yes, it helped with the AP test, but mostly what I got out of it was confidence. I could physically see, through the letter grades, how much I was improving. Most years I feel like I just memorized information, but in this class I feel like I actually became ‘smarter’ in a way. I could see that I was retaining everything my teacher taught me and that this year wasn’t a waste, but actually a huge benefit. Also every year in English there are books to read and then analyze, which I usually dread. But that completely changed this year. Most of the books I really liked being able to talk about and look deeper into the meaning of, it actually was really enjoyable and really valuable to me. It’s not such a pain anymore to analyze books or pieces of literature and feel overwhelmed; now, because of this class, I feel more confident and feel like I could actually do well on it. Don’t get me wrong, this class was not easy; but I actually like that. Taking English III AP helped to make me feel smarter and trust my abilities more. I can definitely say that this was one of my favorite classes in my entire school experience; one that actually taught me and I feel like I gained a lot from. (thanks Lindner for helping me to actually like English)


One thought on “English 2015

  1. You’re very, very welcome! Thank you for all your hard work. I’m thrilled that you learned so much and gained confidence through AP III.


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