Writing. Not my favorite assignment. I never really been great at writing, so maybe that’s why I don’t like doing it. Honestly, the only time I really sit down and write something of significant importance is school related (and now because of technology, I really don’t ‘write’ I type on my computer.) I haven’t ever really liked writing either; maybe it’s because I’m lazy and writing just makes my hand hurt so I’ve stayed away from it. Before, I have tried to keep a journal and I always failed at keeping it up to date. I’ll just get tired of it and stop writing in it; even keeping planners is hard for me, I just don’t like writing in them. However, if I’m assigned to write something, I will write- I won’t short hand it, I’ll say everything I need to.

Although writing long drawn out stories is not my favorite (and just time-consuming) I still write things like everyone else. I have a calendar that sits on my desk where I write short-hand notes about everything I need to accomplish. I text like everyone else (though if it’s going to be a long text, I’ll usually just call that person). In emails I’ll sometimes ‘write’ something; usually just a small phrase though, nothing too elaborate. However, I don’t really consider the little notes or typed phrases in a text ‘writing’; if it’s more than a paragraph than in my mind I actually wrote something (like this blog post), otherwise it’s just necessary words. But, for the pure enjoyment of writing just to write I do not partake in. Maybe that means I’m just not creative enough with words or some other hidden meaning; but, bottom line- I don’t write (if I ever found something I really need to say that I’m very passionate about and couldn’t just tell someone, then maybe I’ll write). But at the moment- no. Perhaps that’s why I love to read; someone else can do the writing and I can enjoy reading it.


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