March 22

So apparently the Stamp Act of 1765 and I have something in common. We both came into this world on the same day, March 22nd (although there is about a 230 year difference). Many other things occurred on this particular day throughout history also: the Arab league was formed, the ERA was passed in Congress, and the Hummer came into existence. However, I feel like, as an American, the Stamp Act may be the most important thing that shares this day with me. It planted the drive in colonist to separate from Great Britain. Which led to the colonist gaining independence and forming the United States of America

The act was a direct tax hoping to raise funds for the defense of the newly acquired American territories gained in the Seven Years’ War. It was aimed at all materials printed for commercial and legal use in the colonies, even cards and dice. However, the colonist reacted negatively—riots, violence, refusal—and England repealed the legislation. But the deed was done. For many the stamp act created anger and frustration; for others, determination. Its existence sparked the formation of the Sons of Liberty; the group of men that led riots in Boston and other places. And it also united politically active men across the colonies, all wanting independence. This act along with other famous ones all accumulated to the colonist wanting freedom from England. Which eventually led to the American Revolution. And then the U.S. was formed, and 200 or so years later I was born here. Personally, I think that’s pretty interesting and an important date I share with history.


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