So I’m going to write some fiction this week. The scene starts with a man and an older woman talking in a train cart having an animated discussion. He’s holding a large box, she’s got a map that she doesn’t seem to understand and wearing a weird hat.

‘There she goes again, yelling about my ungratefulness’ I think while she continues to talk too loudly. Nobody seems to notice what’s going on between us. Yet. Interrupting her, I say once again “If you would just listen to what I’m doing, you would understand. I’m not going to ‘dishonor’ the family. And Henry can take over the farm when he gets older.”

“No! That is not the point. We have tried to give you everything and yet you continue on with this ridiculous dream of yours! It will never work!” She exclaims. “Look at this map. You don’t even know what it is saying. You are not from here. You don’t even speak the language!”

“Well how do you expect me to learn? Stuck on the farm? I’m doing this and you cannot stop me. And of course the map doesn’t make sense. You are holding it upside downI say angrily, snatching the map back. Looking down I search for the place I’m going. According to the map, it should be the next stop. Glancing out the train cart’s window, I accidentally make eye contact with a person who was looking at us. Embarrassed, I turn back to her. “Oh!” I gasp. Standing there, she’s letting small droplets of water run down her blotchy face. Her angry seems to have quickly evaporated.

“I know I can’t stop you. You’ve always been like that: stubborn. But, you’re just a little boy,” seeing the look of contempt on my face, she quickly corrects herself, “man”. Sitting down opposite me, her eyes meet mine. “I’m just worried about you. Look at me, I don’t know anything about living in this society. We can’t help you at all if you decide to do this. I don’t want to see you get hurt.”

“Well, the hat does look funny” I tease. Lowering my voice, I say “Mama, I know I can do this. I have always wanted to do this. It’s my dream and nothing is going to stop me. I believe in myself. I know it will be hard, but can you and papa just trust me?”

She barely nods her head. I look out the window once more and her sniffle. We stay silent at the train pulls forward.


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