Flower Fiction

This week I chose a painting to write some fiction about. The painting that really appealed to me is “Two Calla Lillies on Pink” by Georgina O’Keeffe.


I think it is very beautiful and simplistic. In a nutshell, my fiction is about a man and a woman and takes place outside a flower shop.

Everyday, he boarded the train at 8:00 am. Everyday he sat in the same seat clutching his old briefcase. Everyday the same people talked around him, ready for another long day at work in the city. It was always the same, people drank their coffee and hastily checked their appearance in the reflective windows before getting off at their stops.

On one of these occasions, he decided to watch the outside world wiz past him. When the train began to slow down at a stop, he almost turned away, but not before he caught a glimpse of something. There she was, the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. She was standing in front of a flower shop, chatting with a shop worker. The worker handed her a bundle of white flowers, which she took with a smile. Turning around, she continued on her way. He realized that he had been staring at her and quickly looked away as the train rolled forward again.

The next day, he followed his same routine and boarded the train. As the train slowed down at the stop in front of the flower shop, he felt his heart beat faster. Straining his neck, he looked for her. There she was! Buying the same flowers and turning to walk down the street. From here on, he continued to see her every morning.

After a few days, he decided to try and meet her. So the next morning, he got ready extra quickly and arrived to that same stop 10 minutes early. He wanted to look nonchalant, but he kept trying to find her in the crowd of people walking past. However, she never showed. He arrived early 2 more days and again he didn’t see her. Feeling disheartened, he went back to his normal routine and gave up on it.

However, a couple of days later, she reappeared! But it wasn’t the same, she didn’t look happy or smile and laugh with the shop worker. Confused, he thought about it the rest of the day.

The next morning she hurried down the street, worried she would be late again. She hadn’t been herself the past couple of days and didn’t want it to affect work. She had decided that morning she would not get flowers for her work space, even though she loved them. Walking towards the flower shop, she still looked for the calla lillies she usually bought. But there weren’t any and she felt a little disappointed. Just as she was about to walk past the shop, someone stepped into her path. She took a step back and looked up. He appeared a little sheepish and his smile was lopsided.  He held up two beautiful calla lillies toward her.

She looked up at him confused and then back down at the lillies wrinkling her forehead. After what felt like forever, she looked up again and smiled.


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