A Needed Word

So I think the English language is lacking an important word. I could be wrong; maybe there is a word for it. I know there is one in other languages, just (not that I’ve heard of), English. I’m thinking of a word that describes the certain laughter that accompanies a bad joke. Like I mean such a dry, poorly told joke that you just cant’t help but laugh. Because that moment happens frequently in life.

I am not particularly sure of what word there could be that would describe that (I’m not creative enough to think of a new word without it sounding like total gibberish). But, there is a word that describes it in Indonesian that I propose we use: ‘jayus’. The English language has adopted plenty of other words, so I think we could do the same for this one.

In a real life scenario it would go like this:                                                                                               Your sitting around with your friends. You all are just conversing and then someone decides to be funny and tries to tell a joke. It actually is pretty bad. However, their demeanor and just being in the moment, all of you  can’t help but laugh. It’s a mixture of laughing with them and also at their very bad humor. Like it’s so bad, it’s good.

I feel like that particular moment happens often enough in life that the English language needs a word to describe it. So therefore the word ‘jayus’ should be used in the English to describe this moment in life.


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